WHat's New from Mr. "O"

Shep Oliver Jr aka Mr. "O" takes extreme pride in the family owned Stables facility.  There is not a day that goes by where he is not working on the farm, either maintaining or providing for new improvements.  For over 40 years, he has been working to deliver a quality product and establish a home-away-from-home for you and your horse.  Mr. Oliver doesn't overlook the details which many wouldn't even think of when selecting a boarding stables.  Consider asking these questions when you are selecting a stables or whether your current stables is providing because this is what you receive when you board with us:  

  1. Do they provide a safe haven for your horse, from the stall to the pastures? 
  2. Do they maintain the pastures (leaf removal in the fall, tree pruning/removal, weed control, bush hogging in summer, natural fertilizers, over seeding in spring, fence upkeep)?
  3. Do they provide for snow removal for the horses to be turned out in the winter (with daily ice breakage)?  Additionally, snow removal from driveway entrance to the parking lot just you can get to your horse?
  4. Do they control the dust in the rings (indoor and outdoor) all year long?
  5. Do they keep your horse out of the mud?
  6. Do they check the stables every night at 10:30PM before going to bed to make sure your horse and surrounding environment are safe and sound?

Recent Improvements: 

4/2015 - Added tons of asphalt road millings to horse runs, corrals and roadways leading to stalls

1/2015 - Added an additional 9 tons of shredded rubber to the indoor ring.

7/2015 - Modernized the watering systems requiring less manual labor

7/2015 - Installed 21 fans in stables areas

8/2015 - Painted jumps

9/2015 - Aerated and over seeded in all pastures

10/2015 - 12 new gates upgraded/replaced

​1/2016 - Spread manure in all the pastures while the ground was frozen.​

​5/2016 - New sawdust bin built to reduce dust.

​1/2017 - Manure added to pastures

​7/2017 - Three private paddocks built for special needs horses and temporary isolation

​1/2018 - Manure provided to the pastures

2/2018 - Tree removal in and around the stables area

Summer/Fall 2018 - Re-Metal main stable building