The Rules / Policies

We are concerned for you and your horse's safety, following these straight forward rules/policies will give all parties involved a peace of mind.  

  • All Boarders and Share boarders are required to sign a lease with Oliver Stables, LLC - No one is to ride unless a release has been signed.
  • To maintain in effect comprehensive personal liability insurance in the minimum amount of $10,000 to cover all actions of riders and horse. A copy of this insurance policy is required for Oliver Stables file.
  • Share Boarding is permitted - Only two other persons (age 12 or older) with prior horse experience will be allowed to share board.  See Mr. O for specifics.
  • Independent trainers/instructors must have current $1,000,000 A-rated insurance policy filed with and accepted by Oliver Stables, LLC in advance of any instruction or lesson
  • All riding is done at your own risk.
    Please Note: Under Virginia law except as provided in s3.1-796.130,
    an equine activity sponsor or an equine professional shall not be liable
    for any injury to or death of a participant engaged in an equine activity.
    (Virginia Code Title 3.1 Chapter 27.5)

  • SAFETY FIRST - Hard hats are required when riding.
  • Hours of operation:  7:00 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.  If your horse requires attention before or after these hours or leaving/returning from an event/show, notify Mr. Oliver in advance.
  • Absolutely NO SMOKING on the property.
  • No dogs or other pets are allowed on the premises.

  • There will be no group lessons – one instructor for one rider/horse.  Lessons should be no less than l/2 hour to max of 1 hour per person. 
  • Board rent is due on the first of the month.  Checks to be made out to Oliver Stables, LLC.