the Entrance Requirements

For the safety of all horses at Oliver Stables, we require certain inoculations and tests before your horse can be

1. EIA (Coggins) test taken and reported free of disease. Test to be taken within 30 days before arrival at Oliver Stables.

2. Vaccination within one (1) year for Rabies, Tetanus, Eastern and Western, Flu, Rhino, Potomac Fever, and West Nile. Worming and Dental Exam are also required.  Note: some Veterinarians will include a number of these vaccinations in a 3&1 or 4&1 shot.  If that is the case, a line item description of each will be required.

3. General health certificate indicating that the horse is free of infections or contagious disease. This certificate is to be dated no earlier than 60 days before arrival.

Upon Arrival and maintenance Requirements

Your horse will be isolated (remain in the stall) for a period of 3 days in order to get acclimated to his / her new home and surroundings. 

The following health program will be required while your horse is a resident at Oliver Stables:

  • Worming program to take place six times a year and given on dates posted - 2 times by veterinarian and 4 by owner.  Mr. Oliver will coordinate a bulk buy for wormer available at a reduced rate.
  • Yearly requirements are the same as (I) and (2) in entrance requirements.  Additionally, providing proof of yearly shots/vaccinations will be required to Oliver Stables Management Staff.


All equine services (e.g. Veterinarians, Farriers) are not provided by Oliver Stables rather it is up to each owner to select and arrange for service on an as needed basis.