Aged Composted Horse Manure

  • Available is either large or small quantities of 1 year old aged organic horse manure (all natural fertilizer)
  • Ingredients include: decomposing manure, sawdust, little hay and no additives
  • Provides lots of nitrogen for your gardens, flower beds or used as a supplement to established yards  


  1. Call Mr. Oliver at 703-216-9584 to arrange to be loaded (before your visit)
  2. We can load just about anything with our front-end loader:
    • dump truck (`20 cubic yards) - $50
    • dump trailers (less than 10 cubic yards) - $20
    • pickup truck or small trailer - $10
  3.  Under special circumstances we can deliver locally with our 21 cu yard dump truck up to 15 mile range, ask Mr. Oliver for pricing